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We use Hypnosis, Tapping Techniques (similar to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique), and other processes to assist clients with common emotional and health issues, as well as personal development.


We provide extensive support for emotional and medical conditions.  The work facilitates many forms of self-improvement and habit control (such as smoking and nail biting).

Our most common request from clients is for help with anxiety and fear. These are the curse of modern life. Patterns of anxiety often underlie chronic physical conditions as well.  Rehabilitation from chronic pain, IBS, tinnitus, and various other conditions, often begins with reducing emotional distress.



Our Practice


Patrick Bowe CH

Collaborating with local physicians and two area hospitals, we have worked extensively with conditions of Anxiety, Hot Flashes, Pain (such as chronic pain, migraines, etc.), Irritable Bowel Syndrome and an array of health issues which respond to “MindBody” techniques (surprisingly, one of the most common medical referrals is to eliminate warts). 


The mind has a fascinating capacity to improve these, and many other conditions.

This site describes many ways that the mind and emotions dynamically impact health and well-being.  For those not familiar with this field, it may seem that some of these things are far-fetched.  We urge you to look more closely. The information here will direct you to research and information about MindBody techniques from highly respected sources.  We encourage you to explore this information.  You will understand why there is so much interest in these techniques within the medical community. For further insight you might also read Dr Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.

These pages detail only a few of the uses of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and EFT. The field is evolving quickly and there are many other effective applications.

Professional hypnotherapy is a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable process that mobilizes internal resources for change and growth.
These natural skills are simply an undeveloped part of our social and individual evolution. EFT is a technique that is very useful in managing stress, fear and anxiety in addition to many other emotional reactions. These tools use the imagination and the ability of the mind to create and liberate in many different ways….
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Hypnotherapy is most often a brief process.

Most issues require fewer than five sessions.


When dealing with complex health issues, whether emotional or physical, it is of greatest value when used as an element of overall medical or psychological treatment.

Science demonstrates that the mind offers one of the more fascinating frontiers in medicine. Volumes of study demonstrate the value of using the mind to assist with the treatment of medical conditions, and access to these processes is growing quickly

Complementary medical hypnosis has begun to make a mark in communities across the country. The field has begun to flourish as a body of full-time specialists emerges to explain the work and distinguish themselves.  PHC counts itself among them.

Click here for more information on Mayo Clinic

We specialize in the use of complementary medical hypnosis.

We work closely with Rhode Island physicians and mental health professionals to provide forefront hypnotherapy services. We are not a medical facility, all medical conditions are handled by referral from a physician or mental health professional. 

The following projects are examples of this model:

  • Women and Infants Hospital, Providence Rhode Island  Support for Oncology patients
    Using hypnosis and EFT for anxiety, Hot Flashes and to facilitate treatment and surgery. PHC developed a protocol to dramatically reduce the Hot Flashes experienced by women going through breast cancer treatment. The results compelled us to complete a study with the physicians.  The study has been published in the British Medical Journal.

  • Landmark Rehabilitation Hospital, N Smithfield Rhode Island, with Dr Keith Rafal
    Weekly Fibromyalgia group sessions (see WJAR news story PHC website)

  • Workers Comp Pain Management Sessions
    In collaboration with Dr Pradeep Chopra and Dr John Parziale for Beacon Mutual and other Workers Comp companies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.