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Providence Hypnosis Center Professional Hypnotherapy Services  Patrick Bowe CH, Director .


Patrick Bowe CHt
Director of PHC, Providence Rhode Island

Bowe first studied to be a hypnotherapist with psychologist Dr James McMillan in 1971 in NY. He worked with McMillan to help open 22 offices of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Inc. an organization focused on habit control.  This led to the opening of a private practice in 1974, the Providence Hypnosis Center. In 1976 he left the field to travel and explore other business interests.  In 2002 he returned to the in-depth study of hypnotism and moved back to Rhode Island in 2004, reopening PHC.


Bowe is a certified hypnotherapist.  He has completed various advanced certifications in areas such as: Regression Therapy, Pain Management, Emergency Communication, Parts Therapy (Ego States), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Fertility Enhancement, Psych-K (see the Biology of Belief) and others.

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Nancy Brittain CHt
PHC hypnotherapist

Brittain is a certified hypnotherapist.  Her training and certification took place with the Transpersonal Hypnosis Institute.  The 'transpersonal' process enhances traditional hypnosis techniques to allow a dynamic exploration of consciousness.  These approaches permit different elements of deep personality and unconscious 'parts' to interact and evolve.  This allows an unfolding of inner wisdom, leading to greater personal balance. 

At PHC Nancy has taken the lead to work with clients on health in eating patterns and weight management.  Processes of personal and family history play important roles here...

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