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Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

Controlling your anxiety is an essential part of managing your fear of driving.

Scenic Road

We can help you with fears that prevents you from leading a normal life.

Young Driver

Driving phobia or a fear of driving can be severe enough to be considered an intense, persistent fear or phobia. It is often great enough that people will avoid driving at all costs, and instead find someone to drive them or use public transportation, regardless of how inconvenient or expensive.

Hypnotherapy can help you to become a relaxed, calm thinker - help you to feel safe and in control.


Hypnosis uses relaxation techniques and the power of suggestion to promote a positive change. We will tailor the suggestions to you, with the aim of helping you recognise what triggers your fear and why, as well as changing your reaction.

Providence Hypnosis Center

Helping  you and your loved ones overcome emotional discomfort.

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