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Eating Healthy Salad

Hypnosis for
Food and Eating

Nancy Brittain works with our food clients

Modern eating patterns and habits have led many people to a constant struggle with food.  There are so many factors related to industrial foods, carbs and sugar, family traditions, dieting and indulging…. there is no point in getting into specifics here.  Each person who has seriously made an effort to get healthier is aware of the often-demoralizing challenges.

Elements of self-image, dieting, failure, health challenges and so many other factors are all at play. This is deeply emotional terrain.

The primary benefit of hypnosis is the ability to mobilize the emotions into positive engagement and action.  The challenge for the therapist is to best understand a person's history to bring additional energy to a plan of action.

This can assist with changing old behaviors and adding inspiration. This can enable many people to hold to a chosen course of action.

For many people, addressing food issues and weight management goals can be achieved in 2 to 4 sessions.  For some with significant emotional issues around food and/or food addictions, we recommend 4 to 6 sessions.  Of course, each person is unique.  Overall, we set realistic goals together for weight loss, physical activity and reconnecting to one’s inherent joy.


The first session is a lengthy interview and brief hypnosis session.  Subsequent sessions are tailored to the individual targeting their specific needs.

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