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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Hypnosis has helped millions of people stop smoking.


“Patrick, just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for helping me quit smoking. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks, and I have to admit, it was easier than I expected. My husband and I appreciate your help more than you’ll know. Thank you for giving me my life back. Take care.”

- Alison A.

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Smoking Cessation… The Challenge...

It is common to think of cigarettes as a chemical addiction. It is my experience that the physical addiction is less important than the habitual and emotional enjoyment of the process of smoking. Otherwise the patch and gum would be a lot more effective.

Alison’s experience (see above) is very typical of what we see with smoking clients. It can be much easier to quit smoking when using effective hypnosis techniques. Why?

Our mind strongly separates thinking and emotional processes.  The difficulty with stopping smoking is that most people develop a complex emotional attachment to cigarettes. People think of them as a way to take a break, or as a way to relax. The habitual patterns built this way ARE emotionally important.  They become such a part of the fabric of the day that people come count on them to create comfort and happiness.

Patterns of emotion and habit are a part of our subconscious or emotional mind.  Trying to take something away from this part of ourselves is like taking candy or a toy away from a child.  Reason holds no power here. The emotions always win. This is the trouble with ‘quitting’ in the first place.  ‘Quitting smoking’ is the thinking mind telling the emotional mind what to do. This is usually very ineffective.

The beauty of a high quality hypnosis process is that you can make decisions with your emotional mind. Rather than ‘quitting’ cigarettes you can decide to make an instinctive profound choice to choose a new direction.

When using hypnosis to make this change we regularly see there is NO craving for cigarettes or withdrawal.  This sounds incredible but bear in mind we use suggestion to override Hot Flashes in menopause and breast cancer treatment.

The Solution...

Cigarettes are approached as a single hypnosis session.  When this connects, and it usually does, there is no longer a need or craving for cigarettes.  This works even for people with a long-standing habit. Even those who smoke multiple packs. 

For a person who is ready to be done with smoking, and to walk away, this creates an incredible (if somewhat bizarre) freedom.  There are adjustments to be made to the stories of boredom, 'it relaxes me' (the chemicals do not), it's a private moment, etc.  People smile and speak of reaching in their pocket or purse out of habit...without any craving. But for someone ready it is truly freeing and startling.

If the suggestions work for a day they worked.  Some people will fall back into a cigarette if they are drunk and frivolous, or if they experience a tragedy or incredible stress.  These are choices and decisions overriding the change.  In these cases a visit to refresh the suggestions will almost always be effective.


Success Stories


As a close to 2-2.5 pack smoker a day for 42 years, my dad had tried every alternative and smoking cessation tool in the book, all to no avail. My dad expressed interest in hypnosis but could not afford such a luxury. Out of grave concern for his health and the way that he sounded that day, I offered to make the appointment and pay for it, and all he had to do was show up.

Here is where Patrick’s natural healing ability came in. He was able, somehow, someway, convince my stubborn, hard-headed Irish father that he did not need to smoke. And that was IT!


Honestly I don’t know that I have ever been more shocked when my dad began reaching out to me, almost daily, about how excited he was that he was able to quit. He was so proud of himself and was so so grateful to me for the help. I provided the means for my father to achieve a life-long goal which would have absolutely never been a reality without the help of Patrick. If he can help someone like my father, then I am confident that he can help anybody. I highly recommend him if you are in need.

– Chantelle W.

I've wanted to quit smoking for good for a long time. I had tried pharmaceuticals with some success but I always went back to the habit. Then someone recommended that I try hypnosis and suggested the Providence Hypnosis Center. The process was so easy - Patrick talked to me. When he was through I felt relaxed but did it really work? Yes. Yes it did. I went home where I had left a cigarette on the counter as a test of sorts. I passed. Spending the weekend with family that smokes? No problem whatsoever. It's really amazing and I wish I done it sooner.


If you really want to quit, call Patrick!


– Adam H.

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