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Even just talking to Patrick is a healing experience.


If you're not finding what you're looking for in traditional medicine/healthcare, it might be worth sending him an email and making an appointment. He is a healer in every sense of the word. He won't solve your problems for you (no one can do that) but he can help you get to a place where you are more capable of addressing those energies within yourself.

Personally, I have always had little luck with traditional therapy, and medication. I always wanted something more. Like, the things that therapist were addressing was "stopping thoughts" or "curbing the symptoms of depression/anxiety." (at least in my experience.) To me, "stopping thoughts" or taking meds does not address the issue at hand (not to say that these things can't have a positive role in one's life). Patrick doesn't beat around the bush. He'll talk to you straight, because really, it's all about you and how you're orienting yourself. Mind, body, and spirit are connected. He knows this and applies it to his practice. The product is a holistic model of health that ultimately addresses the whole picture, not just the symptoms.

I am forever grateful for the sessions I've had with Patrick, and I look forward to seeing him again should the time feel right.

– Harold F.


As a close to 2-2.5 pack smoker a day for 42 years, my dad had tried every alternative and smoking cessation tool in the book, all to no avail. My dad expressed interest in hypnosis but could not afford such a luxury. Out of grave concern for his health and the way that he sounded that day, I offered to make the appointment and pay for it, and all he had to do was show up.

Here is where Patrick’s natural healing ability came in. He was able, somehow, someway, convince my stubborn, hard-headed Irish father that he did not need to smoke. And that was IT!


Honestly I don’t know that I have ever been more shocked when my dad began reaching out to me, almost daily, about how excited he was that he was able to quit. He was so proud of himself and was so so grateful to me for the help. I provided the means for my father to achieve a life-long goal which would have absolutely never been a reality without the help of Patrick. If he can help someone like my father, then I am confident that he can help anybody. I highly recommend him if you are in need.

– Chantelle W.


I have been going to Patrick since I was about 18 years old and I'm now 22. I was skeptical to go back to therapy when I first started with him because past experiences with other therapists however, with Patrick it was completely different. I was previously only seeing the standard talk therapists, which are helpful but I needed more at the time. Hypnotherapy is such a cool, different experience that has worked very well for me. No none has helped me as much as Patrick has.


He has helped me realize my good and bad qualities, and use them both to my advantage toward my emotional growth and toward my everyday life.


He is very understanding and intuitive towards others feelings and has a unique and worldly perspective on this crazy thing called life. I highly recommend going to Patrick if you "just need a little tone up" as Patrick says or if you need someone for long term. Either way he is an amazing person to puke your life up to while gaining a different perspective about yourself and the world around you.

– Samantha N


I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety and substance abuse throughout my entire life. Struggling to find true help, and not simply medication, I was referred to Patrick. Working with him for almost a year, I am in a place where I’d never thought was possible. He has helped me recognize the root cause of my unhappiness and has shown me the path to changing my thinking to become free of the weight I’ve always lived with. Patrick listens and seems to intuitively know how to help. In the year that we’ve been working together I’ve gotten into solid recovery for my substance abuse and have a new, positive and confident outlook on life.


Patrick is one of a kind and I would recommend him to anyone in need of therapy of any sort.



Hypnosis for Health and Mind_Body - Anxiety and fear relief Habit- Providence Hypnosis Cen

The words “thank you” do not suffice. I can only express my gratitude by passing on the information about what happened and helping to enlighten people to what you have discovered and are working to perfect.

–Paula R.

We went to Patrick because my daughter had stopped eating most foods. No matter who I brought it up to the response was always "she will grow out of it."


Finally, after years and much complaining, her pediatrician recommended some occupational therapy...
At that point she was already 9 and it was hard for the therapy to work because it had become part of her subconscious.

We went to ONE therapy session with Patrick and she started eating. Carrots, peas, broccoli and green beans.

Although it is still a challenge and something she needs to work on daily, she has improved more in one session with Patrick than in 8 yrs. He took his time and really listened to us.

He not only did hypnotherapy but also made a plan that we were all comfortable with for her after care.

I highly recommend Patrick.


On a side note.. I am documenting my daughters growth and will update with videos!

– Jaclyn S.


My son suffered from crushing anxiety that affected him in many ways at all times. I took him to many professional therapists, clinicians and specialists over the years with no change, and Patrick in one session helped him more than anyone. The improvement was visible. My son could hardly believe it. Patrick was referred to us by a friend, who also had great success with a number of issues. If you can have an open mind and know that it is worth a shot, I highly recommend Patrick's services. His approach is unique and tremendously effective; he has a real skill in connecting with patients, even those that are difficult to reach, and uses the most effective of his many treatment strategies for that patient- -in our case, this doesn't even include hypnosis.


Highly recommend. Effective use of time and money.

– Laura H




Patrick's had such a positive impact on my life! I first saw him in 2017 to quit smoking, and a few months later to quit drinking. I continued seeing him for other issues such as anxiety and depression. He cares about helping his clients and has a true understanding of how the human mind works. I'm so grateful for him and can't imagine where I would be today without his help. He's brilliant!

– A


I would not be in college if it wasn’t for Patrick.


Because of my anxiety, I had to drop out of school. After working with Patrick, I have been able to go back to school for nursing and finish my first year. I have struggled with severe anxiety my whole life and in just a short period of time, Patrick has been able to relieve my anxiety. Patrick is a highly respectful and caring person and I will forever be thankful for all the time and commitment he has put into helping me.

–Nicole L.


Patrick helped me with something I was struggling with for many years. After a session with Patrick, I was able to fly without taking any medicine !!! Not only was I able to get on an airplane to Seattle, Washington from Rhode Island, but I was able to go on a Busch plane in Alaska without thinking twice about stepping on the tiny plane.

The freedom I now have has allowed me to travel and build my jewelry business !!!

I have sent numerous people to see Patrick and he as helped them overcome mental and physical pain.


His unconventional way of doing things is something you have to experience for yourself.

Thanks Patrick !!!

–Joanne F.


I have done countless therapy sessions from the age of 7-18. I stopped going to sessions cause every session went in circles or quieter than a bad joke at a family reunion. I never met someone who could see what I've been through, tell me like it is, and leave me a better sense of understanding and acknowledgement.

That is until I met Patrick.

My girlfriend of two years recommended that I have a session with Patrick since I've been through a lot in 2019. I kept saying no cause I had so many poor experiences until one day I said screw it cause I was at a low point in my life. I've only had that one session and since then I've grown in the way I've been wanting to for so long. I've been striving outstandingly at work as well as family and close friends noticed I have more of a glow and carry myself taller.

Thank you a million times over Patrick 🤘🏽


– Christian D.



Excellent experience. I came out of my sessions feeling more aware of my needs and in control of my life. Patrick is truly gifted.

–Alex C.

Patrick Bowe is almost a wizard.

The issues I was dealing with was chronic pain and other mind body symptoms. Definitely a lot of suffering happening for me. The thing that is different about Patrick is how much time he spent with me to accurately determine not just where the symptoms were coming from but how the patterns of my mind work. Once we got to that in only 3 sessions, I started to get much better. Now, not only am I not suffering physically, lots and lots of emotional pain is gone too. There is no way to compare what Patrick does to anything else. I was working on the issues from about 10 other angles including physcial therapy, meditation, diet, psychotherapy, books, programs, exercise. Patrick just reached a whole other level around these issues it would have taken me much longer to get to myself. I am quite grateful. And, he is an awesome and interesting person!

– Alicia L.


I suffer from anxiety, severe depression and alcoholism. I have been through multiple rounds of ECT in the past. As part of my recovery and all-around improving mental health, I have been going to see Patrick for many years now.


His methods are easy to use, and they work!


Everything is tailored specifically to my situation. He is attentive to my appointment and scheduling needs, and making an appointment is quick and easy. Highly recommend!

– David B.


Working with Patrick has been very helpful.


I first considered seeing him after my jaw clenching was causing frequent headaches - after we made progress there, we did a lot of work on career development. He provides great insight and new ways to consider and approach situations. Even after I've moved to the West Coast, I reach out and we do phone appointments. Very thankful for the thought and effort Patrick puts into sessions!

– Stacie K.


I've sent many clients to Patrick over the years. He has an astonishing ability to very quickly grasp complex patterns of feeling, thought, and behavior -- as well as the know-how to help people make profound changes in their lives. His unique work emerges from decades of study, experimentation, and experience.

Patrick is a resource to the community and an exceptionally gifted healer: open, accessible, deeply caring, and committed to results.

– Archie R.


I've wanted to quit smoking for good for a long time. I had tried pharmaceuticals with some success but I always went back to the habit. Then someone recommended that I try hypnosis and suggested the Providence Hypnosis Center. The process was so easy - Patrick talked to me. When he was through I felt relaxed but did it really work? Yes. Yes it did. I went home where I had left a cigarette on the counter as a test of sorts. I passed. Spending the weekend with family that smokes? No problem whatsoever. It's really amazing and I wish I done it sooner. If you really want to quit, call Patrick!

– Adam H.


I will like to express my gratitude to Patrick Bowe for showing me a better way to find myself and learn from my past instead of being haunted by it. Every session with him was a learning process of myself. I struggled in the past with my memories which didn’t help me move forward in my life. Now when I look at my past, I see it with a different perspective. Not only that, but

I’ve suffered with migraines for over 30 years, and since I’ve learned with Patrick he’s helped me to process the pain in a way that it doesn’t take control over me, but that I can take control over my life.


Now, I take way less medication for my migraines.


I’m also eternally grateful for him having worked with my daughter with her struggles as well.

God bless you Patrick Bowe!

– Carolina J.


I was struggling with some lingering issues associated with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome(shingles in your ear....not fun). Anxiety, depression, loss of quality of life were all things that I had trapped inside of me. While I thought I was a stoic tough guy and would just tough it out and had accepted that I wouldn't get better, Patrick helped me break through in an amazingly short time. Neurologists, acupuncturists, psychiatrists, social talk therapy, chiropractors, physical therapists, all tried and all failed to make significant improvements on my multiple lingering conditions I was living with. Patrick unlocked things I didn't even know I had been carrying and gave me my amazing life back.

I can't say enough about his process and caring and most importantly results. Thank you Patrick!!!!


– Ken W.


i found patrick through a family member, who had gone to him after struggling for years with warts all over her hands - nothing else had worked for her, but he cured them immediately…i had never heard of hypnotherapy, and i admit i was still skeptical, but i’d been struggling with a wart on one of my hands as well, so i figured i’d give it a shot, and the same thing happened - after all that time and all those "remedies," it just disappeared - i was blown away…many years later, while under a severe amount of stress, i saw a new wart starting, so i called patrick again, and again, gone...10 years later (a few months ago), i went to him to work on some deeper, emotional issues that i've been dealing with my whole only a few sessions, we got to the heart of everything - i was even having breakthroughs just in the initial consult we was incredible...he helped me get to a place where i didn't feel like i was fighting with myself anymore but instead embracing exactly who i am - i left feeling empowered in a way i’d never known...

patrick is a straight shooter - he's quick to laugh, but he's direct and doesn't mince words... if you really want to get to the root of an issue and start healing, he's your guy...

– Chena I.


I have been a therapist in Providence for 20 years and when my clients and I are feeling stuck, which sometimes happens, I will often recommend a session or six with Mr. Bowe.


Inevitably, something shifts and often dramatically. Hypnosis does not begin to describe what he does. Mr. Bowe is an incisive, creative, huge hearted, and powerful healer.

– David S.


He worked wonders for my 7th grade son. Would highly recommend.

–Eileen C.



I am not a 'therapy person', but I needed to do some work to level-up my personal and professional life. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to Providence Hypnosis Center and was amazed. For the first time in my life, my professional reputation is changing from a 'disgruntled know-it-all' to a 'team builder'.

I've taken great strides since starting at PHC, and I haven't even been hypnotized!

–Marc D.

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