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Hypnosis for Tics

A tic is an uncontrolled sudden, repetitive movement or sound that can be hard to control.

Tics involving involve movements are called motor tics. Tics involving sounds are called vocal tics. Tics can be either simple or complex. The type of tics a person has may change over time. How often tics happen also may change.

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Effective stress management techniques can reduce symptom frequency and severity of nervous tics.

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It is widely accepted that the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome can be exacerbated by stress, which implies that the opposite is also true: effective stress management techniques can reduce symptom frequency and severity. So as compelling as they might sometimes feel, it appears that tics are subject to some form of control.

So if it's possible to reduce the frequency, severity, and expression of your symptoms through stress relief, what else is possible? Are there other ways you can reduce the power your symptoms have over you?

The answer is a resounding yes.

We invite you to:

  • Have fewer and less severe symptoms

  • Experience a growing sense of self-command

  • Feel less defined by your condition

  • Are more relaxed and at ease in general

  • Become more naturally skilled at using self-hypnosis to control your tics.

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